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This is my old blog, long story short follow me now at brendabooftw.tumblr.com

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tumbledore- Asked: Hey you don't have an ask on your other blog, so I thought I'd leave you something here. You have an awesome blog and are hilarious! Keep being cool..

Thank you! I will work on having an “ask” on my blog! :) I am glad you like it!

Goodbye, sort of.

Hey followers (if you exist) 

I am moving, to my main blog.

My url is the same (brendabooftw.tumblr.com)

I am keeping this one as an archive of my life, but I am sick of it being my secondary blog. FOLLOW ME if you please <3


When someone expects anything of me on a Monday




When you look outside and realize you have to leave for class in 15 minutes



Dancing around the house







Deciding to go through your senior yearbook and look up random ass people.

So many people who I wished I could be in high school are really fat.

Or are pregnant.

Or have 4 year olds.

Or have 8 year olds.

Or are fat and have children.

Or haven’t gone anywhere in life.

Thank you Facebook for making me realize that, though I was not cool or cute in high school, people will look me up and be like wow, “she looks better.” Though I may not be thin, I look so much better than I did in high school and I am actually doing something with my life.

Weird moments. Holy crap.