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Life is Beautiful

 This was a year that I never expected to love. There was a lot of loss. There were a lot of disappointments, and a lot of turmoil. There was a lot of heartbreak and a lot of tears. But, I feel like through it all I came out victorious. This year I learned that I could make the best of a lot of bad situations. This year I learned that I have some fantastic friends that love me even through my faults. 

I have made new friends and lost old. I think that in the end I have everything I could ever want in my life. I have a boyfriend that loves me no matter how many curveballs I throw at him. Even when I am not as nice as I could be, he loves me more and more. That is all I could ask for and I am truly happy. I have a best friend that will dance with me solo at a party without knowing anyone. Even after getting ridiculous news, she remained unfazed and continued to meet new people and have a fantastic time. I am so glad to have her. After throwing out her back throwing up and crying for me this year, I think she gets an award for best, best friend EVER. 

With that said I hope that is the closure some people are looking for. I am so happy with my life that I have right now. Sure, this year could have been much better. This year could have brought me exactly what I wanted, but I think that is the joy in life, the unexpected. From traveling 3,000 miles to play on a freezing field, to having to take a class I didn’t know I would, to having to quit the best job ever to further my education, to meeting excellent new people who will never leave my life. From new traditions and continuing old ones. I feel like though I have changed a lot, I have also stayed true to my odd, eccentric, empathetic, weird, loving, FUNNY, creative, BITCHY self. 

I ask you in 2013, to GET OVER ME. I am over you, if I haven’t called, cared, made an effort, it means I probably don’t care. I kept my New Years resolution. I was straight up. I was a royal cunt when it was necessary. Sorry I’m not sorry world. I love my life. Here’s to the future. Here’s to seeing where life takes me. But, I do know that no matter where I end up I will have great friends with me and great times no matter what life throws at me, because I love to make the best of a bad situation. I can only hope that everyone out there truly feels as content with their lives as I am with mine. 

To my best friend Sam:

You are the Psychotic to my Spiteful, you are the punchline to my joke, you are the cackle to my chipmunk laugh, you are the peabo to my pandora. May we forever telepathically judge the world. 

Now here is a gif Timeline of our friendship:





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